Synthetic Biology Lab



Metabolic Flux Analysis in Escherichia coli

An elucidation of the metabolic pathway made it possible for us to trace a "metabolic route" of bio-production of interest. In addition, a combination approach of the enzymatic kinetics and the route analyses leads to enhance understanding of an improvement of the bio-productivity. In this study, we construct novel mathematical model which represents an intracellular change in metabolites level across time based on the enzymatic kinetics, and moreover develop the numerical simulator for estimating the metabolic fluxes in Escherichia coli with employing the WinBEST-KIT ( This simulator is useful for the following matters: 1) Optimization of the kinetic parameters based on experimentally observed data; 2) Evaluation of dynamical change of the metabolic fluxes; 3) Elucidation of the metabolic control mechanism; 4) Design of the novel metabolic pathway, and so on. We apply this simulator to the development of synthetic metabolic networks.