Synthetic Biology Lab


Our laboratory is one of the few synthetic biology laboratories in the world. There are two main research purposes. The first is to construct a synthetic genetic circuit that uses multiple biomolecules to control gene expression and function. The second is to build a synthetic metabolic pathway to produce useful substances such as alcohol. In order to control a dynamic system of multiple biomolecules, we are conducting research using gene recombination, culture engineering, and computer analysis. Your student life will be a very busy research life because you will need a wide range of knowledge such as genetic recombination, culture engineering, and computer analysis. Instead, we will work hard so that you can become a world-class researcher or engineer. Those who want to take a doctorate, those who want to make genetically modified or cultured products, those who are interested in theoretical analysis and computers, those who are both interested, those who want to play on a global stage, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're waiting for your challenge. It's never too late.

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